3D Animations


Your project is difficult to explain and needs animation to fully display it's inner workings and functions?

I'm happy to put live into it and deliver functional 3D animation so your customers know exactly what your product is best at!

OBE SpaceScrew

In Mid 2020 OBE contacted me to create an animation for it’s new SpaceScrew, a miniature screw capable of minimizing dead motion in hinges while also being extremely small, measuring only about 5mm in length; at the biggest size!


In 2022 I created a series of videos and 3D renderings for LAUFSTOFF, market leader for spike nails, to improve e-commerce presentation quality and showcase how to use the new spike wrench.

Headphone advertisement – Personal Project

Form follows Music – that was the motto of my second semester design project. End of semester project delivery is always stressful and I couldn’t implement as much 3D-animation into it as I wanted to. That’s why I decided to make this animation post-semester as a personal project.